Religious Education

Peninsula Cluster Vacation Bible School

Parents, it’s time to register your children in the Peninsula Cluster Vacation Bible School which will be held at St. Josephs’
June 22nd through the 25th from 6PM until 8PM, (dinner to be provided). To register print this form.

Youth Sacrement Preparation Information Released


Preparation for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation occurs in second grade.
In order to be able to receive the sacraments, a child MUST attend church regularly, be enrolled in either the religious education
program or Catholic school for the entire year, and attend classes regularly. A baptismal certificate is required. The Diocese of
Richmond requires that parents and children attend preparation meetings if their child is to receive the sacraments.

Parents of students attending St. Mary’s Catholic School should be sure that the school has a copy of the child’s baptismal
certificate. Names and baptismal certificates of students attending St. Mary’s who are registered parishioners of our cluster and
intend to receive the sacraments will be forwarded to the D.R.E. by St. Mary’s.


In order for an adolescent who has received the Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist to begin preparing for Confirmation,
he or she must be currently enrolled in at least the tenth grade and at least 15 years of age. Reception of the sacrament of
Confirmation will occur in the spring of the year in which the candidate has completed the preparation. In order to enroll in the
Confirmation program, a student must attend church regularly and be enrolled in either the religious education program or Catholic
school. The program requires attendance at Confirmation classes (separate from religious education classes). Informational
meetings will be held (see Religious Ed Schedule below) for ALL Confirmation candidates and parents. Registration for the Confirmation program takes
place at this meeting. This program is separate from religious education classes and ALL Confirmation candidates must fill out a
Confirmation registration form. This meeting is mandatory. Candidates should turn in a copy of their baptismal certificate
at this meeting if they have not already done so.

Religious Education Classes

It that time of year, time to start planning on religious education classes. There are some changes this year, classes will be held at each of the Parishes, so register you children now! Click here for the registration form.



2014-2015 Religious Education Schedule can be downloaded by clicking here.